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Genuine Community Engagement

community vision team meeting

KCKPS seeks to catalyze strong partnerships with parents and community organizations through GENUINE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

By involving parents/guardians and the greater KCK business and civic community, KCKPS engenders a sense of belonging, strengthens solidarity, and creates foundational support that benefits students and their neighbors. Our commitment to be active consumers of the world around us drives our forward-leaning posture toward the city center, neighborhoods, places of worship, and community organizations that enrich us. 

KCKPS is investing in and strategically thinking about strengthening family-school partnerships— knowing that family-school partnerships are most impactful when the approach is anchored in community voice. Genuine community engagement enhances the bond between schools and their communities, creating a more enriching and supportive educational experience for students. It encourages a collaborative approach to education that benefits everyone involved.