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District Leadership

KCKPS has had a surprisingly small number of superintendents over it's 150+ year history, making it a very historically stable district, in terms of leadership.

Over 84 years, from 1902 - 1986, only three superintendents served the entire community:

  • 1902-1932: Matthew Edgar Pearson
  • 1932-1962: Frank L. Schlagle
  • 1962-1986: Orvin L. Plucker

The Superintendents of KCKPS

1867: Henry Alden (2 schools in district - Principal/Superintendent)
1869: O. C. Palmer
1874: Professor M. Waters
1886-1890: John W. Ferguson
1890-1893: Arvin S. Olin
1893-1898: Louis Larkin Latney Hanks
1898-1902: Lloyd E. Wolfe
1902-1932: Mathew E. Pearson
1932-1962: Frank L. Schlagle
1962-1986: Orvin L. Plucker
1986-1992: Dr. David L. Lusk

1992-1993: Dr. Jerry P. Franklin (Acting Superintendent)
1993-1997: Dr. Jim B. Hensley
1997-1998: Dr. Jerry P. Franklin (Acting Superintendent)
1998-2005: Dr. Ray L. Daniels
2005-2010: Dr. Jill Shackelford
2010-2018: Dr. Cynthia Lane
2018: Dr. Julia Ford (interim), Dr. Jayson Strickland (interim)
2018-2020: Dr. Charles Foust
2020-2021: Dr. Alicia Miguel (interim)
2021-present: Dr. Anna Stubblefield

The First Among Superintendents

First Superintendent of Schools: Henry Alden - 1867

First Female Superintendent: Dr. Jill Shackelford – 2005 – 2010 

First African American Male Superintendent: Dr. Jayson Strickland (Interim) – 2018 – 2018 , Dr. Charles Foust – 2018-2020

First Hispanic Female: Dr. Alicia Miguel (Interim) 2020-2021

First African American Female: Dr. Anna Stubblefield – 2021 to present

The 2023 Board of Education

Randy Lopez, President
Maxine Drew, Vice-President
Yolanda Clark
Janey Humphries
Wanda Brownlee Paige
Rachel Russell
Dr. Valdenia Winn

The First Among the Board

The First Board of Education

J. M. Squires, President
W. J. Brouse, Vice-President
S. W. Day
N. P. Northrup
J. F. Nettleton (resigned - replaced by W T Mead),
E. P. Godwell. 

First African American Board Member: Gerald Hall

First Hispanic Board Member: Ramon Murguia – (Appointed)
Randy Lopez (Elected) 

First Female Hispanic Board Member: Irene Caudillo (Appointed)

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