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Strategic Priorities

Safe and Respectful Learning Environments

  • Foster responsible, caring climate and cultures congruent with the District’s values and expectations
  • Provide for quality learning and working environments
  • Demonstrate high, clear, and fair expectations

High Performing Workforce

  • Recruit and retain highly effective teachers in every classroom with opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Recruit and retain highly effective leaders and support staff in schools and departments with opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Ensure quality on-going professional learning aligned to District’s goal and state and federal requirements
  • Expect high performance for all employees

Positive Community Relations and Partnerships

  • Foster strong parent and community awareness and engagement
  • Foster partnerships and collective responsibility for student success with business, industry, and service organizations
  • Support opportunities for learning beyond the classroom

High Expectations for Student Achievement

(District Continuous Improvement Plan)

  • Student achievement is our primary focus, everything else as support to this outcome
  • Students will have a strong academic foundation anchored by strong literacy skills
  • Opportunities for learning beyond the classroom
  • Rigorous standards and quality instruction leading to achievement of the District‘s goal
  • Student’s Graduate high school within 4 years
  • Extended day/year for students who are not on-track

Good Stewards of Resources and Financial Accountability

  • Ensure sound fiscal planning and governance
  • Provide financial accountability to the public
  • Maintain local tax assessment to the lowest levels possible without compromise to the District‘s goal
  • Leverage private resources to supplement local, state, and federal funding
  • Advocate for the provision of suitable finance for all students
  • Provide for competitive wage and benefits for all employee groups