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Student Recognition

The Student Recognition Program is designed to recognize students for their exemplary academic efforts, community service, citizenship, athletics, volunteer service, etc. If students are nominated for a reason besides academics, they should have demonstrated at least average academic effort, good school attendance and good discipline.

When are students recognized?
Each month during the school year students will be recognized at the meeting of the Board of Education.

Who can nominate a student?
Nominations may be made by students, teachers, and school-based administrators.

Important Notes:
If a student is chosen for recognition, the nominator will be asked to attend a Board of Education meeting to be part of the presentation.

KCKPS Celebrates the September Students of the Month

photo of the early childhood student of the month with school leaders

Early Childhood: Ivy Isabel Johnson

Ivy was recommended by her teacher at Silver City Elementary School, Ms. Raylynn Laster.  Ivy started this school year eager to learn and make new friends. She always comes in with a smile on her face and is one of the first to jump up to help if the teacher or a friend needs assistance. She participates in learning activities and plays with any friend in her class. She brightens up the room every day.  She is being nominated for her outstanding positive behavior in an Early Childhood classroom.


Elementary Student of the Month with school leaders

Elementary: Marta Ajtun Guevara

Marta was recommended by her 5th grade teacher, Ms. Amy Otto.  Marta is described as a quiet, shy second language 5th grade model student at Quindaro Elementary School. She very easily could fly under the radar as her behavior and work ethic is “on point” all the time. She exhibits Quindaro's PAWS expectations of making Positive Choices, Acting Safe, Working Hard and Showing Kindness without any reminders, or redirections.

Marta will help any student in the classroom, always asks questions, participates in all subjects, attempts all assignments, and works hard. Throughout the building, Marta models good citizenship and choices. She is always willing to help escort someone not feeling well to the nurse and help others in the classroom. Her quiet nature is calming to others and her peers respect and enjoy working with her. Every day at dismissal she makes sure to help her younger sister and cousin get to the car when their names are called. She exemplifies all the skills and the growth mindset that we want every student in KCK to have and achieve.

Superintendent and Board Vice President with Xaiver Amad Johnson, Jr.

Middle School: Xaiver Amad Johnson, Jr.

Xaiver was nominated by none other than his principal Mr. Travis Helm at Rosedale Middle School.  Xaiver is new to Rosedale this year in the 7th grade. He immediately impressed the staff with how friendly he was to both staff and students. He always holds the door for students has nice compliments to say to students as they enter the building. He is currently one of Rosedale's Students of the Month and has been nominated for his outstanding character traits and citizenship efforts at Rosedale Middle School.


High School Student of the Month posing with school and district leaders.

High School: Alan Eduardo Hernandez

Alan, a senior at F.L. Schlagle High School was nominated by Mr. David Herrington, College and Career Facilitator.  Alan Hernandez is an outstanding example of a student who is working steadily towards a bright future. His goal is to one day become a certified paramedic in KCK, and to that end he has participated in numerous college level classes at Schlagle. In addition to this, he has enrolled in the Emergency Medical Responder class at KCKCC, which meets each Monday and Wednesday night from 6pm-9pm.

We would like to recognize Alan for his exemplary service to Schlagle and his community when a teacher at Schlagle had a medical emergency. Alan was in the vicinity at the time and swiftly took control of the situation to give emergency aid and assistance to the teacher until medical help arrived. While Alan has only begun the EMR program, he was able to take what he has learned, along with his natural instincts and utilize them to make the situation bearable for not only the teacher, but also the student body that witnessed the event.

Mr. Herrington and the staff at F.L.Schlagle applaud Alan and are very proud of his actions. They believe that he is an example of what we want from all our young people here in KCKPS. He is working towards his future while living the example now of what he hopes to eventually become.

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