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Part-Time Enrollment Policy

Policy JBC

Any child living in the district may enroll part-time in the school district to attend any courses, programs, or services offered by the school district if the child:

  • is also enrolled in a nonaccredited private elementary or secondary school or in any other private, denominational, or parochial school as required by law;
  • requests to enroll part-time in the school district; and
  • meets the age of eligibility requirements for school attendance.

District administrators shall make a good faith attempt to accommodate scheduling requests of students enrolling in the school district in these situations but shall not be required to make adjustments to accommodate every such request.

Part-time students, other than those specified previously in this policy, may enroll with the administration’s permission if they complete all paperwork in a timely fashion and are in attendance no later than September 19. Such part-time students may be admitted only to the extent that staff, facilities, equipment, and supplies are available, and the students follow the district’s student conduct policies and rules.