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KCKPS Planning for the Future

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Kansas City Kansas Public Schools has initiated a Facilities Master Planning process to review the current condition of the district’s buildings and to determine whether they are meeting the short and long-term goals of our students, staff, and community members.

The planning process began in late February 2023 and included an engagement schedule along the way. The process includes five steps:




Superintendent Dr. Anna Stubblefield speaking in front of a monitor that says "2023 Facilities Master Plan"

Facilities Master Planning Process

Step 1: Establishing a Game Plan (Who and When)
Step 2: Collecting Data (Where are We Now?)
Step 3: Planning Priorities (Where Do We Want to Go?)
Step 4: Explore Options (How Do We Get There?)
Step 5: Adopt the Best Plan (Go!)

Hollis+Miller, an architecture firm that specializes in educational spaces and master planning, is leading and managing the five-step planning process for the district.

Input has been gathered from students, parents, staff through facility pre-assessment surveys. The district hosted several Community Vision Team meetings to gather input from residents and other members from the community.

The results from the unique perspectives shared on the surveys by various groups helped to formulate the planning priorities. Some of the priorities that came from the surveys were:

Survey Results Priorities

Foundational Elements for Success

1.    Safe and secure Facilities and Play Spaces
2.    High-Quality Building Infrastructure and Systems

Operations of Teaching and Learning

3.    Right-Sized Buildings with capacity Flexibility
4.    Equitable Access to Athletic Experiences

Spirit of Openness and Belonging

5.    Equitable Support of Learners of All Ages and Abilities
6.    Supporting the Whole Child

Empowerment Through Space

7.    Welcoming, Up-To-Date Environments That Support Student-Centered Learning
8.    New Spaces as Opportunity for Instructional Evolution

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Updates to the Board and Community

Hollis + Miller provided several updates to the Board of Education which include the results of the surveys and data collection.

The results of the survey and the priorities were shared with the Board of Education and community members who attended the Community Vision Team (CVT) meetings on Monday, October 3, 2022, Monday, October 30, 2023, and Monday, December 4, 2023.



Renovations and new construction can be costly, and that is something that the district leaders and the CVT has reviewed and taken into consideration. These meetings allowed for additional input from community patrons as we continued the planning process to:

  • Explore the identified needs within the district
  • Look at proposed options for implementing a phased long-term plan (10-year+) based on those needs and start to look at how those options impact facilities and capacity at each learning level and through each HS feeder/cluster