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Promoting a Safe Environment

KCKPS promotes a safe environment where students and employees may participate in the educational process without compromising their health, safety, or welfare. Any incidents or threats that violate our Student Code of Conduct and/or Criminal Statutes will be addressed according to board policy. 

The district has numerous procedures in place to help support a safe learning environment for our students and staff. These resources and procedures include:

  • First Call Program (Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Program)
  • Narcan Policy (adopted by KCKPS Board of Education)
  • Narcan Training (Planned for staff, students, and families)
  • Vibrant Health Community Partnership
  • Process Assessment of Correctional Treatment (PACT) Program Referrals
  • Partnership with PACES Wyandotte Mental Health 
  • X-ray machines and metal detectors  
  • Security Cameras
  • Internal Police Department with Emergency Response Protocols
  • School Safety Associates (Monitors for Hallways and Doors) 
  • Emergency Notification Systems 
  • Enough is Enough Programming 
  • Edgenuity Purpose Prep Curriculum
  • Professional School Counselors
  • Behavioral Health Social Workers

We have spent nearly $5 million on safety and security district-wide, and our police department works closely with the local Kansas City, Kansas Police Department and the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office.

We also have a link on the website that allows for anyone to submit an anonymous tip that goes directly to our campus police department.