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Curriculum & Instruction

Students at Welborn Elementary smile as they discuss the first day of school.


The KCKPS Curriculum and Instruction Department will serve and support district and building leaders, coaches and staff in planning for and delivering standards-based content using high-yield instructional strategies across all tiers that increase student achievement. 


  1. Provide high-quality and timely customer service to building leaders, instructional coaches and teachers that will directly impact student achievement. 

  2. Promote standards-based planning using our evidence-based district-provided curricular resources.

  3. Promote high-yield, research-based instructional strategies that increase student engagement in learning.

  4. Provide high-quality professional learning and instructional coaching that directly impacts student achievement.

  5. Monitor program implementation of district-purchased resources via usage data, walk-through data, and student achievement data. 

The Curriculum and Instruction Department is dedicated to providing a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum guide for parents and students, as well as additional resources. In addition, we guide and support Instructional Coaches and teachers in implementing strategies necessary for our students to learn.

A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC) is a mechanism through which all students have an equal opportunity (time and access) to learn rigorous standards. They ensure content alignment from one grade level to the next, with pacing guides helping identify when each standard is addressed in the curriculum. These guides help support educators with standards-based planning, which, when paired with research-based instructional strategies from the KCK Model of Instruction, promotes equity. This gives all children an equal opportunity to learn rigorous, essential content. 

The Curriculum and Instruction Department is located on the second floor of the Central Office and Training Center. You can reach us at 913.279.2289.

Executive Director of Diploma+ College and Careers Instructional Programs

Dr. Danira Fernandez-Flores portrait

Dr. Danira Fernandez-Flores

Executive Director of Diploma+ College and Career Instructional Programs

Dr. Fernandez-Flores's Senior Office Administrator

Brandi Mendenhall

Senior Office Administrator to Executive Director of Diploma+ College and Career Instructional Programs