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Diploma+ Elementary

For the youngest learners in Early Childhood through 5th grade, we focus on Career awareness. Students get to explore various careers through special experiences and activities.  They meet professionals who work in the fields like engineering, medicine, and social work.  They even get to try out some real-world simulations like running a mini city at JA Biz Town.

Opportunities Available at Elementary Level

Holland 1916 - This hands-on experience allows students to make their own name plate, ask questions about the multiple jobs in the plant (design, manufacturing, shipping, sales, accounting, etc.), and work to solve a problem about determining profit based on labor and material costs.

Connector Sessions - Sessions are aligned to science, English language arts, and social studies curriculum These sessions are  specifically designed to introduce students to someone who works in the field they will be taking on the role of in their curriculum work.  The goal for our district is to have at least 2 live sessions per school year.  One session will be in the fall and the other session will be in the spring.

School of Economics - The School of Economics teachers elementary school-aged students about economics.  The mission is to engage students through real world learning by promoting lifelong financial capabilities.  Student learn and understand how to apply basic marketplace concepts and skills while exposing them to business-related careers.

Junior Achievement/Biz Town -  Students get to run a mini city, taking on various roles in the workforce.  It is a practical way to understand real-world jobs and responsibilities.