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District Vendor Information

Authority to Distribute Bid Packages:

  1. The Unified School District 500, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools Purchasing Office (and website, if applicable) is the sole entity authorized to provide IFB or RFP packages to interested companies or individuals. Firms who are working from an IFB or RFP package obtained from any other source may have an incomplete set of documents. The School District assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, or misinterpretation resulting from a company’s use of an incomplete IFB or RFP package.
  2. Firms who have received an IFB or RFP package from a source other than the Unified School District 500’s Purchasing Office (and website, if applicable) are advised to contact the office to provide their company name, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, contact name, contact e-mail address and to complete a Vendor Registration form is necessary. This will ensure that the company receives all IFB and RFP related communications and documents, including addenda.

Doing Business with KCKPS

The principle objective of our District's Purchasing Office is to acquire quality goods and services for all district sites through an open, competitive bidding process while adhering to all State of Kansas statutes and Board of Education policies.

As a member of the National Institute for Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Purchasing Office uses these types of solicitations:

  1. Formal Invitation to Bid
  2. Formal Request for Proposal
  3. Informal Request for Quotes

These instruments allow the District to purchase goods and services that meet definitive specifications and quality standards. We make sure that all vendors have an opportunity to do business with Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. This allows us to strengthen and widen our product and service choices while optimizing use of public funds.