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Professional Development

At KCKPS we want you to grow as a professional. KCKPS offers district-wide, ongoing professional learning opportunities that inspire staff to be life-long learners. Our focus is to build capacity, and to strengthen the knowledge, skills, practices, values and expectations of all KCKPS employees. Effective professional learning is vital to engineering the current and future successes of our students.

Professional Learning includes:

  • providing consulting services to schools/departments around intervention, climate and culture, instructional strategies and leadership development
  • collaboratively developing, offering and implementing a variety of strategies and programs to attain district and student achievement goals
  • providing training and support for new administrators, teachers, and classified staff
  • researching and facilitating a variety of new programs and services to support training needs of staff
  • collaborating with a variety of educational agencies to offer resources and skill development

KCKPS New Teacher Induction and Mentor Program 2023-2024

KSDE requires 1st and 2nd year teachers on eligible licenses to participate in the district's Mentoring Program in order to upgrade to a Professional license.  Principals are provided with eligibility criteria for selecting mentors for new teachers in their building.

In order to upgrade to a Professional License, teachers on an Initial License must complete a two-year mentoring program aligned to KSDE mentoring guidelines.

Please contact Tiffany Judkins for any Mentor Program questions.

Executive Director of Diploma+ College and Careers Instructional Programs

Dr. Danira Fernandez-Flores portrait

Dr. Danira Fernandez-Flores

Executive Director of Diploma+ College and Careers Instructional

Dr. Fernandez-Flores's Senior Office Administrator

Brandi Mendenhall

Senior Office Administrator to Executive Director, Diploma+ College and Career Instructional Programs

Director of Professional Development

portrait of lindsey schneider

Lindsey Schneider

Director of Professional Development

Ms. Schneider's Direct Reports

Directors' Secretary

Samantha Bradshaw

Directors Secretary