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USD 500's Department of Transportation considers it an honor to have the opportunity to safely transport the students of Wyandotte County. It is our goal to have the most efficient and safest school bus delivery system ever, and we are pleased to serve you and your students.

The school bus is often the student’s first point of contact in the morning and the last point of contact in the evening. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an increased awareness to cleaning and disinfecting school buses to mitigate risks for student and drivers.  School buses are considered an extension of the classroom and will be prioritized with the same expectation of cleanliness and will have practices in place to provide the safest mode of transportation for our students and staff. Drivers have the option of opening windows to increase circulation of outdoor air depending on climate and weather conditions.

More Information

  • Bus Information will be provided 1-2 weeks before the date students will be back in a classroom
  • Students will be required to wear face mask if still required by local health department and/or school board
    • Disposable face coverings will be provided on the bus if student shows up without one
  •  Hand sanitizer will be available for students to use while entering
  • Students will have assigned seating
  • Students will be required to load from the back of the bus first, and then load to the front to avoid students walking past each in the aisle.
  • Students will be required to unload from the front of the bus to the back at the school
  • If the bus is not full, students will be spaced out as much as possible