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District History

This is a historical timeline highlighting important dates, terms, figures, and events in a chronological fashion of USD 500-Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. The timeline also includes important historical events on the national level that impacted public education systems across the country.

The events highlighted in this interactive timeline were chosen based on historical significance for the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools system. The timeline begins years before KCKPS was officially established as a school system. The timeline captures the presence of small schoolhouses in the community as early as the mid to late 1800’s.

The information, photos, artifacts, and videos used to produce the historical timeline were provided by several sources:

  • Kansas Historical Society
  • Kansas State Library
  • The Kansas Room/Collection Kansas City, Kansas Public Library
  • The History of Public Schools in Wyandotte County
  • Wyandotte County Museum and Historical Society
  • Kamiasha Tyner - Sumner High School
  • Local residents, Dr. Raymond Daniels, Historian Mr. Chester Owens, Mr. Gerald Hall, Don Wolf, and many more.