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Administration Organizational Chart

Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Anna Stubblefield portrait

Dr. Anna Stubblefield


Dr. Stubblefield's Senior Office Administrator

Dawn Downing

Senior Office Administrator for the Superintendent/Deputy Board



Deputy Superintendent of Leadership and Learning

Dr. Judith Campbell portrait

Dr. Judith Campbell

Deputy Superintendent

Dr. Campbell's Direct Reports

Dr. Campbell's Senior Office Administrator

Karen Martinez-Quintana

Karen Martinez-Quintana

Senior Office Administrator to Deputy Superintendent



Executive Director of Wyandotte County Special Education Cooperative

Dr. JaKyta Lawrie portrait

Dr. Jakyta Lawrie

Executive Director of Special Education

Dr. Lawrie's Direct Reports

Special Education Administrative Assistant

Monique Sotelo

Special Education Office Administrator



Associate Superintendent of Human Resources

Samrie Devin portrait

Samrie Devin

Associate Superintendent of Human Resources

Ms. Devin's Direct Reports

Ms. Devin's Senior Office Administrator

Nikki Naumann

Senior Office Administrator to Assoc. Supt, of Human Resources



Chief of Operations

Steve Lilly portrait

Steve Lilly

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Lilly's Direct Reports

Mr. Lilly's Administrative Assistant

Le Andra Hood

Senior Office Administrator to the Chief Operations Officer



Executive Director of Communications and Marketing

Edwin Birch

Edwin Birch

Exec Director of Communication & Marketing

Mr. Birch's Direct Reports



Executive Director of Libraries

Carol Levers portrait

Carol Levers

Director of Libraries

Ms. Lever's Direct Reports



KCK Schools Foundation for Excellence Director

portrait of christal watson

Christal Watson

Foundation Director